About Us

For over 20 years, we have partnered with a range of businesses and organisations worldwide to train, coach and develop their people with the skills, capabilities, and motivation to succeed. Our passion is helping people to achieve elite performance, releasing hidden and untapped talent to propel them to levels of achievement they did not think possible.

Our strong track record in team, leadership and personal development is demonstrated by the success and positive change we consistently deliver. We have great clients, who we have nurtured relationships with for many years.

We listen, listen again and listen some more, to ensure we really do understand our clients business and the results they want to achieve. Once we are all happy that we have the true picture, we create unique, bespoke learning and development initiatives to meet the businesses objectives.

Our goal is to ensure whatever we do has an immediate positive impact on your people and your business – whether it is facilitating experiential team workshops or coaching on a 1:1 basis.

Your Coaching Team Experience will be tailored to you, so if you want to release the untapped potential in your people, reignite their self-belief, and support them to improve individual and team performance, you have come to the right place.

We partner with organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, supporting them on either a company wide basis, working with a specific team or department or coaching individuals with their own business and personal development requirements.

Our recent successes include:

STRATEGY FACILITATION – Supporting Boards, Senior Leadership Teams, Sales Teams and Project Teams in developing their 1 year to 5 year business strategies. These off-sites (based in some unusual locations!) have enabled the teams to challenge their existing situation, to explore how effectively they are operating as a team, to be creative in their thinking and decision-making and to agree a focused strategy and set of actions to achieve their future success.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – Delivering a range of dynamic, creative and experiential team development and fun team building programmes here in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia from groups of 5 to 350. All professionally facilitated by experienced ‘team coaches’, these have ranged from experiential outdoor programmes to unique experiences taking place in client offices, traditional hotel meeting/conference rooms, rugby/football clubs, woods, recording studios, campsites, beaches, mountains and deserts and have always been built around the teams, the business and the agreed objectives. We have also had significant personal team experience having been part of teams that achieved great success in both the Alps and the Himalayas.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMMES – Leading a number of leadership programmes over a 9-12 month period that included 1:1 coaching, facilitated workshops, experiential team events and specific business projects.

PERFORMANCE COACHING WORKSHOPS – Facilitating specific coaching skills workshops on how to carry out inspiring and focused conversations. These workshops address how to ensure your team has bought into a leader’s ambition, lives the culture and has clear goals to achieve.

CONSULTATIVE SELLING & NEGOTIATING WORKSHOPS – Designing a series of high impact workshops and delivered by our team across Europe and the Middle East in understanding your customers, selling value, pitching professionally and negotiating profitably.

GLOBAL CONSULTING SKILLS PROGRAMME – Designing a series of online and face to face workshops and modules to develop the consulting skills of 500+ consultants throughout the world. The modules were developed with a complete set of facilitators notes and a team of internal facilitators were then trained to own and roll-out the programme on a global basis.

NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ‘COACHING SURGERIES’ – Using a blend of small group and 1:1 coaching sessions, these 1/2 day ‘coaching surgeries’ have focused on all aspects of the selling and buying processes. Working with both experienced and new sales people we have supported and challenged them in how to set out specific actions, develop their accounts and exceed their targets.

As a team we constantly develop our own knowledge and awareness of the latest thinking and concepts through our strong ties with: