Leadership Development

With over 20 years of leadership experience, our unique range of ideas and coaching challenges leaders at all levels, from the newly appointed to the seasoned and established. We have supported leaders in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia in developing their skills, techniques and confidence to inspire and coach the people around them to achieve their full potential.

Whether facilitating workshops, carrying out executive 1:1 coaching or creating experiential learning events, we provide an opportunity for leaders to challenge their thinking, to develop their skills and behaviours and to achieve new levels of leadership performance.

Our ‘Elite Performing Leader’ framework focuses on developing leaders with both the IQ – Technical Intelligence and the EQ – Emotional Intelligence to inspire themselves and their teams.


FOCUSES ON FUTURE SUCCESS – Future, visionary leaders always challenge themselves, their colleagues and their teams to find new ways of being successful. Having decided on what the strategy and ambition need to look, sound and feel like, leaders must  then communicate it to their teams, in a way that inspires people to want to follow.

LIVES AND CHAMPIONS THE CULTURE – Culture drives behaviours which achieve results. Whether leading an entrepreneurial, creative, passionate, driven, focussed, open or fun culture, people need to understand what exceptional performance means for them, their teams, their customers and their business. Great leaders are role models of their own values and their organisation’s culture.

COACHES EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE – Encouraging and focusing on developing people for future success; coaching leaders connect people’s personal goals with the organisation’s goals. Showing great empathy and rapport, their meaningful conversations have a motivational impact on people. Leaders that coach their teams, build loyalty, trust and support personal development and self-belief.

INSPIRES TEAM DYNAMICS – Focusing on collaboration, team focused leaders actively seek input from their teams and rely more on listening than directing. Building consensus through active participation and asking “What do you think?” they achieve buy-in to ideas and create real ownership within the team.

FACILITATES CHANGE – Change is constant and focusing on the human element of business performance ensures that people are ready for the future. Great leaders understand how people respond to change and then listen, act, communicate and lead in a manner that encourages and inspires people to change with them. They set a pace for themselves and others to move confidently through the maze of change.

MAKES COURAGEOUS DECISIONS – Expecting excellence from their teams, decisive leaders set the tempo to ensure that the organisation’s and people’s personal goals are met. They hold everybody accountable for high performance and do not tolerate under performers.

Our ‘Elite Performing Leader’ 360 feedback tool helps to understand the existing levels of leadership competency and achievement and it is often a great starting point. We can also profile leaders to gain a richer understanding of their leadership thinking and behaviours, as we are qualified to carry out the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), Myers Briggs Personality Profiles, TMSDI Team Profiles, Belbin Team Roles and Insights all of which give further detail of personal dynamics.

Using our expertise, we then design a series of interventions that support your leaders accordingly, whether facilitating 2-hour, ½-day or full day workshops and masterclasses or developing a comprehensive 3 to 12 month leadership development programme.

Our initiatives always ensure that your leaders focus on and develop the two intrinsically linked components of both the ‘human and business’ element of leadership development.

We have also specifically developed our own High Impact Leadership Days!