Personal Development

For over 20 years we have coached people to achieve amazing results, by encouraging them to take ownership of their performance, be accountable for their actions and discover their potential. Working throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia, we have developed a rich understanding of cultures and created high impact workshops that have delivered personal change and success.

Whether facilitating group workshops or providing 1:1 confidential coaching, our personal development programmes focus on developing specific skills, competencies, self-belief and self-motivation to achieve both business and personal goals.

Our ‘Elite Performing Individual’ framework gives people all the components to achieve optimal personal performance and ensure that they have that unique blend of knowledge, skills and attitude to excel.



BUILDS RAPPORT AND SELLS IDEAS – We are all salespeople and every day we have ideas that we want to share with clients, customers and colleagues. Here we explore how to have meaningful conversations, how to build rapport through questioning and listening and how to command influence to meet everybody’s objectives.

NEGOTIATES TO ACHIEVE WIN: WIN – Achieving a win: win scenario is an ideal outcome in any situation; whether as a salesperson we are defending price and trading negotiables or internally we are collaborating with our colleagues to achieve the right business result. We focus on how to negotiate effectively to ensure that we achieve the balance of attaining our own objectives and maintaining solid business relationships.

PRESENTS WITH IMPACT AND DYNAMISM – People that have the skills to present their ideas to clients and colleagues with clarity and energy will win every time over those who rely solely on PowerPoint. We coach people in how to bring presentations to life by having the confidence and credibility to tell engaging stories, to deliver succinct data and to interact professionally with the audience to ensure that they remember both the presenter and the message.

PROMOTES THEIR BRAND – We all have a ‘Brand’ – is it the one we want? Personal brand matters as it is our reputation and how people experience and remember us. Our personal brand programmes focus on exploring personal values, strengths and talents while supporting people in bringing who they are to what they do and how they do it. Delivering a personal brand clearly and consistently creates a memorable experience in the minds of those we interact with and can open doors to new opportunities.

ACHIEVES GOALS AND PERSONAL SUCCESS – Personal success is all about resilience and an open-mind  towards change. These characteristics  can take time to achieve, if they do not come naturally. Here, we focus on building self-confidence and self-belief, both of which are important when it comes to embracing change. Through personal goal-setting, breaking out of comfort zones, taking control of the future and pushing individuals to new, exciting limits, we help  you to create and hone your own personal action plan of success.

DEVELOPS STRONG EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – EQ and IQ are the key ingredients for success. EQ (emotional intelligence) is now seen as one of the core components to help drive personal and business achievements. Using Daniel Goleman’s 4 stages of emotional intelligence – Self-awareness, Social awareness, Self-management and Relationship Management, we work with people to understand and strengthen their EQ, to lead themselves effectively under pressure and to build lasting and collaborative relationships.


With all of these programmes, we can build even richer insight through the completion of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), Myers Briggs Personality Profiles, TMSDI Team Profiles and Insights, all of which we are qualified to facilitate.