Team Create

An inspiring event that taps into team creativity giving groups the opportunity to challenge diversity and focus on team behaviours.

Based in any location of your choice, teams are tasked to design, act in, direct, edit and complete a short movie bringing to life their team culture. We provide movie making equipment with trained technicians, actors and a variety of props and costumes that teams use to create their movies.

After storyboarding their ideas, they are trained in the use of camera equipment, begin working with the actors and choose their costumes and props. They then have a number of hours to complete their short movies, using the venue and surrounding locations, before completing final editing with the technicians.

This great fun day concludes with movies, popcorn and celebrating at the ‘Awards Ceremony’!


“Thank you for creating such a fantastic day and for helping us to get to know each other better…and to have so much fun!”

– Sales Director, RIAS

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