Team Development

With over 20 years experience of leading and coaching teams, our unique range of ideas and support focuses on both team development and fun teambuilding.

Working with groups from 5 to 500, we have helped to transform teams in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia. Our venues for team development are as diverse as the teams themselves – from hotels, conference centres and sports clubs to woodland campsites, recording studios, beaches, mountains and deserts. Wherever our stage is set, we help teams learn and grow through experiential activities that focus on the human and business elements of team performance.

Using our ‘Elite Performing Team’ framework, we support teams from their conception through to a level of extraordinary performance, helping to ensure that they are equipped with all the essential business components for success – focus, accountability, pride, openness, trust, creativity and motivation.



SHARES AMBITION AND FOCUS – Having a shared ambition and ownership of the team goal ensures that there is collective focus and commitment to achieve the results.

CLEARLY DEFINES ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Everybody needs clarity of their own responsibilities and what is expected of them as well as their colleagues within the team. Holding each other accountable for success supports the team in delivering their goals.

LIVES A WINNING TEAM CULTURE – A team’s culture, values and principles drive a collective set of behaviours to achieve elite performance. It is critical that a team is focused on both what they are aiming for and the path they are going to take to achieve it.

COMMUNICATES WITH OPENNESS AND HONESTY – Feedback, idea sharing and planning, create a foundation for success. Healthy criticism and open discussions within a team will ensure that everybody stays focused on the goal and strives for continual success.

INSPIRES TRUST AND RESPECT WITH EACH OTHER – Trust provides a sense of safety and allows a team to open up, to take risks, to innovate and to collaborate. Developing resilience and mental agility within the team delivers long-term success.

CREATES FUN, ENERGY AND MOTIVATION – Creating and sustaining energy, having fun and celebrating success are essential to maintaining team motivation.


Our ‘Team Performance’ health check can help you to understand the existing levels of your team performance and is a great starting point. We can also profile your team as we are qualified to carry out the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), Myers Briggs Personality Profiles, TMSDI Team Profiles, Belbin Team Roles and Insights all of which can give further rich detail of personal dynamics, both as individuals and a team.

Using our expertise, we then design a series of interventions that support your team accordingly, whether facilitating 2-hour, ½-day or full day workshops and experiences or developing a comprehensive 3 to 12 month team development programme.

Our initiatives always ensure that your team focuses on and develops the two intrinsically linked components of both the ‘human and business’ element of team development.

We have a vast array of practical exercises and experiences that have a major impact on teams. We are also conscious that everybody has their own comfort levels, so with a philosophy of ‘challenge by choice’, we ensure that people are only ever asked to do what they are comfortable with. Although we encourage people to challenge themselves, we also encourage full team support of each other by utilising key strengths and respecting comfort levels.

We have also specifically developed our own High Impact 1-day Team Experiences!





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